Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Monday, 8 July 2019

New Hubs and Axles

2019 06 11 New Hubs and Axles

I will update this placeholder entry when I unpack this carton in a month or two.   After considering the 'investment' in new wheels and splines (see earlier post), I decided to bite the bullet and puchase new hubs and new axles.  Note the new axles are thicker than original and are less prone to breeaking.

Longer legs !!

2019 05 22  Diff upgrade

I have known of a Wolseley 18/85 in a wreckers yards for a number of years and finally they agreed to sell me the diff head. The VA ratio is 5.22 and the W18/85 is 4.8. 

This will allow lower revs at 100kmph, NZ's open road speed limit.

New Wheels

2019 01 18 Five new wheels and knockons arived from AWS in the UK.  I am impressed with the quality and sale/import process.

Sunday, 7 July 2019

2019 05 25 Move 165 HP from storage

A big day, moving the engines and gearboxes from 34 years of storage to the garage.  Three engines each 55hp.

The engines are:
1937 #1143 - wet clutch with gearbox - original
1937 #1254 - wet clutch with gearbox - seized
193n #2684 - late model engine with a dry clutch and gearbox

I have decided to restore the original engine with the wet clutch.

2019 03 19 Radiator rebuild

Original 1937

Manufacturing Plate

In March, the next phase of work started with stripping the radiator chrome surround off and taking the core to a radiator specialst.

After much discussion and looking at options, it seemed very logical to replace the original core with a similar pattern but upgraded three core product.  The water system is not pressurised and overheating in summer can be an issue so the three core was selected.  It makes sense to replace the core rather than trying to recover the old one as a bad radiator has the potential to cause ongoing and sometimes fatal issues.

The final product is awesome.

Monday, 1 October 2018

New Shoes

Had to make a call on the wheels so decided to go for new ones as some of the earlier repairs done in the 1980's, in my opinion, could not be trusted.   Arrive in November.