Monday, 1 October 2018

New Shoes

Had to make a call on the wheels so decided to go for new ones as some of the earlier repairs done in the 1980's, in my opinion, could not be trusted.   Arrive in November.

Sunday, 23 September 2018


Yesterday my wheels went in for refurbishing.  Discovered I have 19" wheesl for the MG VA wheels and maybe Riley(?), that must have made me go faster !!  Getting these sorted and the desitred outcome is 6 good MG VA wheels.  My new tyres will also be fitted.

Update: see above, one of these will be the reconditioned 6th wheel as a spare.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Tyres Selection


I believe the wheels for the VA are Dunlop 19" diametre with a 3" wide rim.

After a lot of input from the SVW Group and local knowledge, I have decided to use the following tyres:

       4.75/5.00-19" Excelsior 76P 4-ply tubed-type black tyre

and will order five of them in a couple of days.   My reasoning not to go for a wider set was that there seems to be some doubt on the gap between the door and the spare wheel if a larger tyre was used.

I will get them delivered to my wheels restorer who can safely remove the current set and carefully fit them when the wheels are done.

My tyre supplier provided these photos.

1)  4.75/5.00-19” Excelsior x-ply – this is the one I will have

2)  5.00R19” Excelsior Stahl Sport radial

3)  4.75/5.00-19” Firestone (w/w) black is the same x-ply

4)  4.75/5.00-19” Waymaster 30 x-ply

5)  4.75/5.00-19” Universal x-ply

The awakening from hibernation

A project plan has been put together to get me on the road in about a year, this may be optimistic however it is a push target.

This blog will be updated a lot more regularly as the plan rolls out.

If any reader can assist with the rebuild (advice is always welcome), please do not hesitate to contact me via the Yahoo MGSVW Group or leave a message on this site.

Spare Engine #1254, wet clutch, gearbox

See the site profile, off a VA Saloon that was a rusted hulk in the Forest near Gatwick airport, retrieved in 1983.  To spares inventory.

Important bits in storage - engine etc

Just for the record, some of the important bits in storage.  Red engine is original, last ran in 1982 when I was bought by the owner.  Has been oiled and turned over by hand since.  Gearbox is a dry conversion done before I was purchased......probably as far back as 1964 when those teenage boys bought it.

New lodgings

Phew, at last, my new home.  With lots to develop around the property, I feel it will be a while before I get the focus and priority I deserve !!