Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chassis and Fuel tank repainted

February 2012 - With the holidays out of the road, the chassis was stripped back and water cleaned. Since the chassis was sand blasted and painted in 1983, it had developed a few thin paint areas where light rust was showing (it was on its side and the flat areas facing up had this light rust) , this was soon sanded back and instead of a repair paint effort, the whole chassis was repainted. At the same time the repaired petrol tank was repainted however the overflow vent will be modified so some of the repainting will need to be done again. The current vent system on the top of the tank allows you to fill the tank and overflow it easily before you know it.....until a pool of petrol appears under the car !!! (My owner has done this with another VA).

The brake back plates were removed (and sent to SVW Services as these were swapped for ones with automatic shoe adjusters) and consideration given about relining the master and slave brake cylinders with stainless inserts. This is recommended by club members as it prevents the brakes binding if the car had not been used for some time. While in the UK, my ones were sleeved with brass as this was done at that time (1980's). These will be redone in the near future in stainless steel.

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